Are you interested in teaching?


Teia Nash

A picture of the members from the Educator’s rising club

Sentinel High school has a club that is great if you are interested in teaching or instructing young students. The Educators rising club is all about learning how to be a teacher and what it takes. Mrs. Stubbs is the club’s advisor, however the club is run by its students. The club holds meetings every Monday at lunch in room 176. 

“My vision would be to have the club members be able to participate throughout the school day in a paid position.  

-Mrs. Stubbs

On November 28 and 29 The Educators Rising club members are trying to host a Homework Workshop from 4-5 p.m. in the school cafeteria. This will be an opportunity for parents of middle school, and elementary school students to bring their kids where they will be supervised by the club. Educators rising will be able to be peer tutors and help the students with their homework. Mrs. Stubs notes, “We’re going to try to do more advertising with the teachers in the elementary and middle schools. Just trying to get kids that need that extra little help academically or they could also just want to hang out with some positive role models. Kinda like a big brother, big sister type of program.”

The parents will not have to worry about paying, and it will be a good voice for the Sentinel students in the program. It is a great chance for the club members to be able to connect with young kids, and get that experience of what teachers do. “We just need people to participate and then we can make it happen.” Mrs. Stubbs remarks, “We are looking for middle classmen, a lot of our members are upperclassmen. We really want to pull in younger kids so that we can keep it alive and going.” There are many opportunities and experiences that Educators Rising provides the students. Mrs. Stubbs teaches dual credit classes here at sentinel, including an intro to teaching course for field experience and many culinary art classes as well. Because of this, she wants to involve her culinary experience into the club as well. The club gives great opportunities for scholarships and  job experience too! If you have taken the education courses at Sentinel, it could be seen in time passing that the students will have opportunities to take jobs at the school and be paid for them. There is a lack of substitutes and a teacher crisis going on today and students might have a possibility to teach or advise classes at Sentinel. “Our 5 year plan is to be getting those kids [Students who have completed all the teaching courses] in the high school, filling jobs and getting paid that we’re lacking now as teachers.” Mrs. Stubbs imagines. “My vision would be to have the club members be able to participate throughout the school day in a paid position. 

“We just hang out, eat, and just try to plan community events. We’re trying to get more active not just at sentinel but the community by connecting with the elementary and middle school students.”  Sentinel high school’s Educators Rising club is looking for new members to join. If you are interested teaching, educating or just having fun, go visit Mrs. Stubbs at room 176 They would be happy to bring you along!