Spartans optimistic for another win streak!



A football laying in a field of grass.

Sentinel Spartans start a new win streak after having lost a game this season. The 25 game win streak was broken by Helena high on September 23rd at MCPS stadium. A week after this game, the Sentinel football team won 2022 Homecoming at the same stadium. Sentinel’s football season is looking bright for victories ahead.

“Sentinel hopes for a start to a new, longer streak than before. Even in victory or defeat, Sentinel Spartans will fight on through.”

Sentinel has not lost a game since 2019, around covid. The football team took a big hit from Helena High. Helena won 35 to 7. It was a tough loss to say the least, however the team took only the best from it. Coach Dane Oliver provides insight on the matter, “We had a tough game versus Helena High, first time we lost in a while. But we’re super pleased with how the boys responded, they’re motivated”. Caden Dirnberger, a kicker for the Sentinel football team exclaims, “Even though we lost, we still fight as a team”. No doubt the loss was hard to take in, yet the team did not let it get to them. Oliver had advised that they use football to teach life lessons and told the team, “failure is a part of life.”

Even though the streak was lost, Sentinel was quick back on their feet with a strong homecoming week. Sentinel’s marching band, dance team, and cheerleaders were out supporting the team. Many students showed up in their purple and gold cheering the players on. The team won Friday’s homecoming game against the Flathead Braves, 70 to 7. Coach Oliver says, “I enjoy the game’s environments, and where the whole community comes out. It’s fun to be a part of.” It’s great to see all the happy faces and support towards the Spartans. Football games are a great way to bring a school community together. The Sentinel football team has demonstrated that losing is always a possibility, and it takes strength to come back. Spartans definitely did come back strong with all their hard work. When asked about where the team’s strength comes from, Caden Dirnberger states “Our strong suit is just working together,” he continues, “we have good connections, it’s definitely a working unit.” Coach Oliver believes, “we also just improved and got better” when considering the game before.  What’s good to acknowledge is Sentinel’s football team has good, strong junior players able to take the place of the seniors after they graduate. Caden has full confidence that the juniors are a solid part of the team.

 Sentinel’s football coaches work hard every week preparing and training the players to do their best every game and it shows. As the season goes on, Coach Oliver likes seeing the team progress and succeed. “Each week we’re improving and getting better. I’ve been super pleased with the progress from where they started in the beginning of the year and where they are now.” He also states “Most important is seeing kids improve and grow and develop some habits that hopefully carry through the rest of their life.” With the Homecoming win, Sentinel hopes for a start to a new, longer streak than before. Even in victory or defeat, Sentinel Spartans will fight on through.