Ryeland Leiby

Ryeland Leiby looks back on his years at Sentinel with more-or-less positive thoughts. He remembers playing lacrosse, quote, “with the boys,” and is thankful for taking the time to make new friends. However, he regrets looking at things so dramatically. He realizes that everything felt like such a big deal the first few years of high school when they really weren’t, and wishes that he went into these 4 years with a more positive and open mind. Following in the footsteps of Mara White, Ryeland would also like to mention and thank Mrs. Connor for helping him out in an academic aspect as well as giving advice that stuck with him personally. As for giving advice to new freshmen and underclassmen, he says, “Take school serious, but not too serious. Keep your grades up but make sure to have a bunch of fun and create a lot of forever memories. Also, don’t care about what others think. Just do you.” 

To mention his postgraduation plans, Ryeland intends to get an apprenticeship sometime in the summer or early next year to become an electrician.