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A young woman was forced into pregnancy by her husband to a terrible child
Jadis Veal
Woman holding her devil child.

Melissa Burch, a twenty-three-year-old aspiring business owner, had to put her whole career life on hold while she gave birth to an unwanted child. Mrs. Burch’s husband, Levi Burch, refused to let her get an abortion since she was “getting to that age”.  

Mr. Burch claims that if they were to wait any longer for Mrs. Burch to get pregnant all her eggs would be dried up and gone, which is why he pushed for her to keep the child.

Since giving birth, their son has been kicked out of five different daycares from each town they’ve moved to. The workers at each of the daycare centers wrote out incident reports where it was stated that he would run around the building chanting “Satan, Satan, he’s our man. If he can’t stop abortion, no one can”. He ran around after locking away the other children in  closets.  

I’m sure I’ll see him in hell.

Trying to keep up with their son, the Burch’s have been struggling financially, mentally, and physically. Mrs. Burch has become a full-time stay-at-home mom due to this dilemma. All while Mr. Burch is continuing to stay out late (doing God knows what) and leaving their son all to her care. 

The family and those close to them were interviewed about the situation:

  • Melissa Burch (mother)- “I’m starting to agree with my mother when she told us she wished she never had us.”

  • Levi Burch (father)- “I don’t get why everyone is upset. This is the true American Dream. Isn’t this what all our grandfathers were fighting for?”

  • Kayla Jenkins (friend of Melissa)- “And my mom still wonders why I only date women.” 

  •  Alan Mathews (friend of Levi)- “All women do is b**** and complain. You’d think they’d appreciate a man who provides for his family.”

Due to the stress from her son, Mrs. Burch has been suffering with severe symptoms of depression, imposter syndrome, and FMD (forced motherhood to a devil). Mrs. Burch has stated to have reached out to those around her for help, but none of them have done anything of significance.

Mrs. Burch’s mother told her to “get over it”. If she had to deal with it then her daughter should be more than capable. Mr. Burch on the other hand reacted furiously at the thought of his wife being one of those crazy loony bins. He’s even more upset that he can’t force her into getting a lobotomy.

Mrs. Burch has thought about getting a lobotomy; however the only way she will get the procedure is if it will make her completely mindless so she doesn’t have to deal with the pressures of society. Her doctor has informed her against the procedure, due to the nature of it, and suggested instead intensive therapy.

“Therapy is for a bunch of cry babies”, Mr. Burch announced after hearing  the news from the doctor’s visit. Mrs. Burch is still stuck suffering due to her husband’s choices (again). 

With Mrs. Burch becoming an unfit mother, she sent their son off to boarding school across the country. She was in hysterics as the plane took him away, not because she was going to miss her “baby boy”, but because she was finally able to have a girls night for the first time in years. 

Mr. Burch hardly noticed that their son was gone. The only noticeable difference he noticed was that there was less “demonic screaming” throughout the night. 

Mr. Burch has been ecstatic with how much more free time and money he now has to spend. His first big purchase after their son’s absence was on the “bachelor party he never got to have”  due to the nature of the Burch’s shotgun wedding. 

Mrs. Burch has also been able to go back into pursuing her career after his leave. She claims that all her illnesses “magically” disappeared with the plane and her focus has all been shifted towards building up her business. However, she is now worried about how much time she has until their son’s return.

The boarding school they chose is a four-year long academic focused program, but her worry is about his escape plans. Not only did he hold chant rituals in daycare, but he also disappeared for hours on end. Mrs. Burch has been paranoid ever since.

She has reported seeing images of him in the mirrors as well as “visions” of him at the school as she sleeps. She followed up her reports with a short statement: “the demonic child my husband forced me to raise will haunt me till the day I perish and even then I’m sure I’ll see him in hell”.




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