Everything that I will remember


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Nora’s daily expressions

As I write my final piece for the Spartan Scoop ever, I have brainstormed some of my favorite moments of high school. I thought of moments in the classroom that made me smile, sports and games that were fun, junior and senior prom and making new friends. I enjoyed chemistry class and irritating all of my lab partners, I enjoyed being a part of the scoop but other than all that high school just wasn’t that lit.

I realize that I never
actually hated school
and I will miss it.

I’m glad to say that school often brought me joy and it was filled with lots of laughter but not enough laughter to make me wish it lasted any longer. From Freshman to the end of Sophomore year of high school, I truly thought these years were going to be the longest years of my life, I thought I would never find joy in it and I thought I would be ancient by the time I got to Senior year. Boy was I wrong, high school flew by and I feel younger than I did coming into high school. Most importantly I am so excited to begin my future and leave my high school years in the past.

With all that being said; here is everything I disliked about high school.

  1. Starting strong; the school bathrooms. I am very excited to never have to step into another high school bathroom. Self explanatory, these bathrooms caused me distress for the past four years.
  2. Fighting to stay in a good spot of sports games student sections. Something that frustrated me all four years of high school: I would show up to games early yet still have to hear “MOVE UP, MOVE OVER” and end up being forced to move up 3 rows and not be able to see behind everyone.
  3. Being asked about plans after high school when I didn’t have a clue. Before I figured out my college plans I hated being asked about future plans, it caused heavy amounts of panic. Not only did it cause panic because I had no idea but because it felt like everytime someone asked it seemed like I was closer and closer to running out of time. Along with that, every time I was asked I had to come up with a new and better response. I got creative; “Oh, glad you ask! I’m taking a gap year and traveling” or “Oh! Uhh, I think I’ll maybe work for a year and then go to college”. Luckily I figured it out and am now able to tell people that I do in fact have a set plan.
  4. Cliques that rule the school; though it seems like a typical movie cliche it is very accurate and something that has always bothered me throughout high school. I think it bothered me so much due to the fact that I never felt the seriousness of high school friend groups and the need for school spirit. 
  5. Peers eating behind me, chewing gum, aggressively loud drinking/ gulping. I think what bothered me more than the actual sound of it all was the lack of awareness. I would always shoot looks at these people hoping they would understand but that never worked in my favor. Looking back on it now, I think they were purposely doing it. 
  6. Mean looks for no reason: Throughout high school I noticed the mean looks from people whether they were directed at me in the hallway, the classroom or in the parking lot. I think these looks were one of the biggest takeaways of high school. So much so that now I communicate with my facial expressions. I think it stemmed from the fact that I stopped caring to actually speak and the realization that the looks I received throughout the years were actually quite comical. 

Now that I am entering my final week of high school I realize that I never actually hated school and I will miss it. Mostly I will miss the teachers I had that allowed me to expand my learning, be myself, and enjoy school. I’ll miss my friendly peers that made AP Stats somewhat enjoyable and my friends that made high school easy to get through.