Phoebe and Harper’s playlist

Listen here!

Harper’s Playlist

  • #1 I/Me/Myself- Will Wood
  • #2 Idle Town- Conan Gray
  • #3 Keep the Blues Away- Caamp
  • #4 Rivers and Roads- The Head and the Heart
  • #5 Blood- My Chemical Romance

These songs aren’t necessarily my most played songs at any given time, but they are the ones that I always end up going back to. I’ve gotten through some rough times with these artists and songs; each of these songs have a lot of meaning to me.

Phoebe’s Playlist

  • #1 Julia – GB&J
  • #2 Scream – Beach Bunny
  • #3 Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve – Taylor Swift
  • #4 Anti-Hero – Taylor Swift
  • #5 Tired – beabadoobee

My sister is in the band GB&J so when they came out with this absolute banger I knew I had to hype her up. You can tell the phases I went through this year by the songs on here and yes, I am still in my Taylor Swift phase. These songs speak to me and always come back on my rotation.