Harland Leibenguth

Harland Leibenguth is the chillest human on the planet. Harland has been a friend of mine for a couple of years now, and he is very hard to describe. He may be quiet at times, but he can get talkative. While he may call himself “a little slow”, he is very intelligent when it comes to being around people. I talked to Harland about how he became so socially aware and he essentially told me that he had a rough upbringing.

He had grown up in a sketchy part of Portland, and he had to be an independent kid. He told me “I walked around a lot at a young age in a big city so I learned a lot just from that”. He had watched hundreds of people everyday doing what humans do. It’s hard to describe doing what people do because humans are confusing, but from being so independent in such a big city you learn a lot about people. When you see so many different people doing so many different things you tend to pick up on basic tendencies.

Harland said “I noticed to just not get in peoples business”. Harland sticks to himself if he doesn’t need to get involved. I asked him why and he said “Because you get wrapped up in stuff when you don’t want to”. Whenever you get yourself into other peoples business you just end up getting involved in too much of their life; It gets you wrapped in stuff you don’t want to. Harland is so laid back because he just doesn’t care. And why should he?

Harland has no desire to get involved in people’s baggage and it’s one of my favorite things about him. He is one of my favorite people because he always sees the best in people and isn’t curious about the bad part. Harland I have no clue your plan for after high school but I sure hope you end up where you need to be.