Sentinel Kopee Hosts Open Mic


Harper Jontow

Getting exposure for a person’s writing is crucial to make an author out of a writer, and open mics can be the perfect opportunity to do just that. Sentinel Kopee is hosting an open mic February 2nd at Missoula’s Zacc. Part of the reading will be a competition for those students who like the added pressure, however, that is entirely optional and if someone wants to read without being entered that is also an option. 

The event will be MC’d by Freya Jones and myself, Harper Jontow. Entry is free and anyone who is interested in writing or poetry is welcome and wanted. Copies of the Kopee from 2020-21 will be on sale as well. Doors will open at 7:00 p.m. and the reading will start at 7:30. The beginning of the event will be a poetry slam, however, the rules will be slightly different. Anyone who wishes to compete in the slam will have to email [email protected] by Tuesday, February 1st and they must have a poem that is no longer than three minutes. If the poem goes over three minutes then the reader will be docked points. There will be prizes for the people who place top three in the slam portion of the night.

Following the poetry slam, the event will turn into a regular open mic. There will be a sign-in table at the entryway for those who want to read without competition, so just show up with a poem or short story you wrote and sign in. The open mic part of the night will be competition-free and will simply be a fun reading to showcase the writing of students throughout Missoula. There will be sensitive topics handled as the work being read may contain darker material, swearing, or violence, however, it is important for the readers to remember that although self-expression is important, this event is hosted by a school club and all of this must be kept to a minimum and it may not be gratuitous.

This event is expected to go on until about 9:30 p.m. at the latest. The staff of Sentinel’s Kopee thanks everyone who attends for their support. This is the first open mic of what is hoped to be many more.