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Winter Poems

Tony Hemenway
A snowy winter road

Snow is my time

White blanket new in the morning
First steps
Taken in pictures
A crunch setting in a moment
The day is as follows:
Imprinted with steps to school
Imprinted with sleds going down their first hill
Imprints of skis
Zigs and zags
A crash, a helmet in the divet of the flakes on the ground
Skid marks on a road
Paw prints from the tasty treat of a snowflake
It’s time as the winter marks our gatherings
And the night erases with a new sheet
Of clean white


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays
Said with a smile
From a face you’ve never seen

Happy Holidays
Implied with the decorating of the tree
With the family you’ve always known

Happy Holidays
Used to greet you by the person
Who hands you your cinnamon latte

Happy Holidays
Suggested by your mom
When handed the 5th day of chocolate from the advent calendar

Happy Holidays
Sang by a classmate
With a smile at a holiday concert

Happy Holidays
Whispered silently by your dad
When the whipped cream whisps into your mug of hot chocolate

No matter the person
No matter the time

Happy Holidays
Is an I love you
Is a thank you
Is an I’m sorry

Happy Holidays is to be said aloud

About the Contributors
Kelsie LaRocque, Reporter
Tony Hemenway, Photographer
"How can the Earth be flat if my life is constantly going downhill?" -Tony Hemenway