The similarities are crazy

kelly from The Office on a diet

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“kelly” from The Office on a diet.

Mars- Creed- The character “Creed” from The Office is a man who alarms many and causes overall uneasiness. Similar to Mars, a Podcaster in the Spartan Scoop. There isn’t an explanation to why “Creed” and Mars are so similar, they just are. 

Meet the Spartan Scoop staff as The Office cast

Bathje- The character “Robert California” AKA “Dunder Mifflin former CEO” AKA the “Lizard King” is known for being a true inspiration to the office staff while also being very intimidating and known to not be messed with. Similar to Mrs. Bathje the Advisor of the Spartan Scoop, Mrs. Bathje holds the highest power amongst the staff and is an inspiration to the staff. Mrs. Bathje is very likable but also has an energy that surrounds her that comes off as very mysterious almost as if she’s the Lizard King… Mrs. Bathje inspires the staff to write their best but also to have fun and encourages each and every writer to be themselves in their own unique way.

Nora-Kelly- In The Office, the character Kelly is known for being a ditsy, dumb,silly and perfect flirt! Though I do not feel that I am an incredible flirt who is dumb, I am known for having not the best ideas and sharing my thoughts through facial expressions. Kelly also has a very unique view of comedy; she doesn’t enjoy dark comedy but she loves saying things that diss others and cover up her insecurities and delusions. Kelly also struggles to stay on task and is often distracted by her own thoughts which is very similar to me thus being why I was voted as the Kelly of the Spartan Scoop. In the show Kelly fantasizes over a character named Ryan which  just so happens to be that Spartan Scoop doesn’t have a Ryan and is hoping to have one next year!

Elly- Jim- The character Jim from The Office is a fan favorite character. Jim is known for being a good support in the office while also being very entertaining and the ultimate tease of the office. Similar to Elly, a reporter and podcaster in the Spartan Scoop. Elly is a huge part of the staff and always has a helpful contribution to the Spartan Scoop. While Elly is, for the most part, calm and collected, she has her goofy side and isn’t afraid to fool anyone in the staff. In an upcoming episode of Spartans in Focus, Elly talks about one of her favorite pranks having to do with feeding a sleeping person a Goldfish cracker.

Elizabeth- Mose- The character Mose from The Office is Dwight’s cousin, he can be seen as strange and  scary, but he is perfect for the plot. Mose is best known for wearing his “Fear” shirt and being known to have never left his family’s beet farm. Similar to Elizabeth, PR manager of the Spartan Scoop! Though Elizabeth’s family may or may not own a beet farm, their only similarities are their haircuts.

Sam- Pete- The character Pete from The Office is known as the “New Guy”. This character from the show is fairly quiet, good at his job but isn’t afraid to slightly diss everybody else in the office. Similar to Sam, a reporter in the Spartan Scoop staff, Sam is new to the staff this school year and doesn’t say much but sometimes he can be caught saying a witty comment.

Petal- Darryl- The character Darryl from The Office is known for being ambitious, innovative and silly in situations. Similar to Petal a Reporter in the Spartan Scoop. Petal is a kind spirit who is open to new ideas while also being great for coming up with new innovative ideas for the Scoop. Similar to Darryl Petal is silly when things get heated in the Scoop and never allows a dull moment. 

Finley- Meredith- The character Merideth from The Office is known to be witty, insane and has an incredibly unique spirit. Similar to Finley, a reporter in the Spartan Scoop. Finley is good at their job but also knows how to enjoy themselves with their witty sense of humor. Though Finley is kind and a great addition to the Spartan scoop, it should be noted that you shouldn’t approach them while they are upset. 

Aubrey- Andy- The character Andy from the office known to be full of energy, always ready to sing and most importantly he is always finding opportunities to annoy people, similar to Aubrey! Aubrey, an illustrator in the Spartan Scoop and they are always coming up with irritating side comments along with constantly singing their heart out. 

Harper- Angela- Angela in The Office is known for being very easily angered, judgmental and a lot of other things that cause others sadness but she is very much needed in the office. Harper was voted the Angela of the office due to their ability to edit every detail of the reporters articles every week, oftentimes inflicting the feeling of sadness and being humbled. Angela keeps Dunder Mifflin under control and on track which is exactly what Harper does and without them the Spartan Scoop would be a mess. Though Harper is not mean, you should not mess with them. In The Office Angela has a relationship with the character Dwight which means that The Spartan Scoop is in need of Dwight.

Phoebe-Micheal Scott- In The Office Micheal Scott is the boss of the office and known for his terrible humor that shouldn’t be funny, but it always makes us laugh. He doesn’t seem like much of a boss and mostly enjoys having fun at work and becoming besties with his employees. Similar to Phoebe… Editor Phoebe of the Spartan Scoop cracks jokes that lightens the mood along with trying their best to be everyone’s friend in the Spartan Scoop. Though Phoebe has the job of criticizing and fixing reporters’ work, they also make sure to make the office a fun and supportive place to be. Just like Micheal Scott, Phoebe is always open to new staff members and ideas.

Andrew- Oscar- The character Oscar from The Office is known to be the greatest gay man to exist in an office setting. Oscar is a great employee who is calm and reasonable but at times will have his moments where he is very unhinged. Similar to reporter of the Spartan Scoop Andrew. Andrew is known to be very calm and collected but will have his moments of unhinged flamboyant performances.

Tony- Toby- In the show The Office the character Toby is extremely hated by most. In fact Toby is a trigger in the office. Every time Toby speaks, violence is inflicted which is similar to Tony in the Spartan Scoop but with less violence. Not only are Tony and Toby’s names very similar, they carry a lot of other similar traits such as; judgmental stares, long pauses of awkward silence to cause uneasiness and the biggest one being words that cause others in the staff to want to attack. Though Tony enjoys triggering other staff in the office he is very enjoyed and his unintentional comedy/ humor is very much appreciated. 

Alexis- Pam- The character Pam from The Office is the receptionist who is pretty much loved by everyone, she rarely raises her voice and seems to always have it together. Pam also is very creative and loves doing artwork. Similar to Alexis, a reporter in the Spartan Scoop, Alexis is pretty quiet, seems to have everything together and is great at writing satire pieces. 

Matt- Kevin- In The Office Kevin is known for his lack of communication, love for spam and chili and overall strange vibe. Similar to Matt in the Spartan Scoop, Matt enjoys telling jokes, thoughts and stories that cause others around him to be alarmed and confused while at the same time being amused. Another huge similarity between Matt and Kevin is, they both love Spam. In fact, Matt has admitted that he has on several occasions cooked and enjoyed spam.

Teia- Gabe- The character Gabe from The Office appears to be Lady Gaga in a Halloween episode of the show. Similar to Teia, an illustrator for the Spartan Scoop, Teia is also Lady Gaga.