Music Review: Currents by Tame Impala


Tame Impala is an alternative/indie group which originated from Perth, Australia and has made a name for themselves through their unique sounds and lyrics in their songs. They’ve had many albums over the years since their humble beginning in 2007, such as The Slow Rush (2020) and Lonerism (2012)…but none compare to the success of their 2015 album Currents.

The overall tone of this album is a more slow-paced, smooth vibe with some more fast-paced portions mixed in. A lot of the lyrics and messages in the songs featured in Currents have a very relatable meaning for lots of people (whether it be accepting change, trying to live in the moment, or powering through fear to seek out new connections and relationships).

Currents has an overall runtime of 51:12 and has an adventurous track list -there’s verifiably something for everyone in this album. Despite the album’s overall mellow and laid back tone, songs like “In the Moment”and Reality In Motion” show themselves to be more upbeat and fast-paced. Overall, the album appeals to many different preferences and does so beautifully with their synthesizers and fantastic vocals.

One highlight from this album is “Cause I’m A Man” – this song is not only one of my all-time favorites, but it’s a fan favorite as well. With its smooth tempo and rough guitar backing the instrumental, the song (despite its sad lyrical meaning) gives off a laid back and positive/upbeat vibe.

The most popular song of the album, and one of Tame Impala’s most popular songs in general, is “The Less I Know the Better”. Chances are, you’ve probably heard bits of this song before…specifically its iconic guitar segments. This song also shares a story to careful listeners. The song’s story centers around a man who wishes that he hadn’t learned about his ex-girlfriend moving on. Despite the song’s sad story and melancholic tone, it is still a great song nonetheless and earns its spot at their #1 song.

The cover art of Currents represents cortex shedding – which (put simply) is the act of something going against a current, a tide, or a draft. Not only is the album name Currents, which are integral parts of vortex shedding, but the art shows an object of sorts going against a current.

While there are many interpretations of the message of the album cover, I like to believe that it represents the album’s tone and nature going against today’s mainstream current of music.

To wrap things up, Tame Impala’s Currents debut in 2015 was not only massive for consumers, but massive for the music industry as a whole. Tame Impala’s act of kicking against trending currents was not only successful, but inspiring as well.