Drawing of Cat and Dog Person

Some people don’t believe it, but cat and dog people are very different. It’s believed that animals mirror personalities, so why do you think cats are so uptight and dogs are annoyingly clingy? 

Cat people are painstakingly quiet. They are extremely introverted, and only like physical touch from certain people and only for a certain amount of time. They seem to have a short temper as well.  Why are they so angry? Who knows. They pick people. They’re not like dog people where they meet them and almost immediately like them, they truly do pick who they like. And it’s always someone who is the complete opposite of them. Why do you think people came up with the “black cat and golden retriever” friendship term? You know the saying: owners always look like their dog? It’s the same with cats. If someone has multiple cats they always look like one of them. They love art, whether it be acting, drawing, or music, but they never really do it even though they claim they do. They’re good at it but never really start a project unless someone tells them to or gives them a really good idea. 

They are
the biggest
procrastinators you
will ever meet..

Dog people are loud! They love a good laugh but sometimes they take it too far. Laughing to the point they’re crying like it was the funniest thing they have ever heard with a simple “knock knock” joke. And the puns! Oh lord, the puns! They make them almost every chance they get and they think they’re the funniest thing ever. They get crazily excited for really small things, like getting a new shirt. They’re the hardest people to shut up, they get going on a topic and there is no stopping them. You might be there for hours listening to the last wild hyperfixation they had and it’s always the most useless thing you could ever hear. But somehow they make it so fun to learn. Honestly, they’re hair is never bad but it’s always either a neat blonde cut, or shaggy brown/black hair. Dog people are definitely artists, but they tend to view it more than practice it. They always have one form of art they do and love but it’s usually only the one subject that they have the confidence to do. 

What if someone is both? They’re probably extremely introverted until they are with, what they call, “their people.” They, like cats, choose who they like, but are extremely energetic when they are with those people. They’re really intelligent and either extremely tech savvy or have crazy street smarts. They get very excited and find a lot of things funny, not usually as much as a dog person but, still funny. They’re really laid back but still manage to be hyper. They can sit and stare at something for hours picking out every detail and breaking down why it’s there for hours without getting bored. They always start a project that they will never finish and then beat themselves up for it later but never continue to do it. They are the biggest procrastinators you will ever meet. 

So what are you? Let’s find out, take this short questionnaire to see if your cat or dog? Make sure to count your “points.” 

  1. Do you prefer walks on the beach or in the woods? 

   If you said woods: 100  If yous said beach: 150

  1. Do you think blue or green is prettier? 

    If you said blue: 40  If you said green: 120

  1. Do you like rainy or sunny days? 

     If you said rainy: 30 If you said sunny: 70

If you got 170-250, you’re probably a cat person. If you got 250-340, you’re most likely a dog person.