Mother’s Day is coming up, and it’s time to celebrate our moms!


Photo in courtesy of Disney

Incredibles mom and family.

Mother’s Day is coming up, and it’s time to celebrate our moms! Here is a list of the best and worst moms in history and in films.

Mothers Day is coming up and it’s time to celebrate our moms!

  • “Helen Parr” from the Incredibles; Helen is an excellent mother to her three super children and is a literal super mom. Helen is no ordinary mom, she is able to use her Elastagirl powers to save the world while keeping her unique super children from fighting each other. 
  • “Kala” from Tarzan; Kala is one of the sweetest mothers portrayed in Disney. Kala grieves the loss of her birth son but becomes the adoptive mother of Tarzan. Though Tarzan is a human and much different than the rest of the animals in the jungle, she accepts him fully and teaches him how to survive in the jungle as a human. She teaches Tarzan the importance of being kind and when Tarzan decides to leave the jungle she reasures him that he will always be in her heart. 
  • “Molly Weasley” from Harry Potter; Molly basically takes Harry in as if he’s one of her kids, knits horrendous sweaters and defeats Bellatrix. You could say Mrs. Weasley is a pretty cool mom.
  • “Leigh Anne Tuohy” from the Blind Side; This mother in the movie was portrayed off a real life story/ and a real life mother. She showed audiences the power mothers hold while also showing  that motherhood isn’t always by blood. In the movie, Mrs. Tuohy offers future adopted son Micheal a home, protection and support despite the gossip from others. Through the rest of the movie she shows how far she will go to support and take care of Micheal and overall deserves a best mom award. 
  • “Mrs. Gump” from Forrest Gump is one of the best moms in the history of film. Mrs. Gump is a woman who loves her son unconditionally and believes her son is able to achieve anything even with his disability. Though Mrs. Gump is only shown for a short time in the movie, it is shown that Mrs. Gump wanted the best for Forrest and truly believed that her son could achieve anything his heart desired. 

Worst Moms

  •  “The other Mother” from Caroline: This has to be one of the worst mothers portrayed in film. The Other Mother sets a trap to kidnap Coraline and tries to convince her to stay in this other dimension where everything seems perfect. Though Coraline believes this world satisfies all her needs, she soon realizes that this “Other Mother” is not who she seems. In fact, this Other Mother attempts sewing buttons to Coraline’s eyes.
  • “Mother Gothel ‘ from Tangled: Mother Gothel has to be one of the worst mothers of all time. She begins motherhood by kidnapping Rapunzel, leaving Rapunzel with the name; “Lost Princess”. Throughout Rapunzel’s life she is stuck in captivity and being forced to keep Mother Gothel alive. Lastly Mother Gothel is so devoted to keeping Rapunzel to herself for her own selfishness, she attempts murdering Rapunzel’s true love Flynn Rider. 
  •   “Kate McClallister” from Home Alone: Though Kate McClallister didn’t kidnap Kevin and try to sew button eyes on him, she did manage to forget him a few times. The first time Kate forgot her son Kevin was when they were headed to France for the holidays. There were several family members attending the trip and she missed counting Kevin; which may have been the biggest mistake. Kevin ended up staying home for the Holidays alone and had to survive criminals trying to break into his family’s home. After Kate and the rest of Kevin’s family returned home from their trip it seemed like it wouldn’t be possible for Kate to ever make a mistake like that again. But it happened again, Kate McCallister managed to forget her son again during the holiday season. This time Kevin was forgotten about while boarding the family’s plane headed to Florida. Kevin ends up boarding the wrong plane and landing in New York City. Not only does Kevin end up alone for the holidays but he also ends up in the arms of the criminals from the first movie. 
  • “ The Evil Stepmother”from Cinderella: This stepmother has to be one of the worst step moms out there! In the story of Cinderella, The Evil Stepmothers and her two cruel daughters become Cinderella’s new family because her father dies. Cinderella is represented as a delicate beautiful girl who befriends small animals because she doesn’t get along with her step sisters or step mom. The Evil StepMother uses Cinderella as her and her daughter’s maid and forces her to sleep in a dark, spooky room located above several flights of stairs. Before the royal ball Cinderella makes herself a dress from scraps and with the help of her pets and the evil stepmother and stepsisters destroy it and leave Cinderella in tears. Summed up, the evil step mother has to be one of the worst mothers.