Hi everyone! This is my final piece on the Spartan Scoop newspaper, and it has been a real awesome ride to say the least. This year has been a very long one (in a good and bad way). This last piece will be a sendoff of mine – hope you all enjoy it! Love you all!

It has come to the end of our time

For even in the end, we are together

Holding moments as dear as we remember

So we’ll reminisce with rhyme

In our little world we find joy in one another

Holding our memories together with sisters and brothers

For we hold hope that these memories not falter

Grasping times past, impossible to alter

It’s not about the times past, but the flow of the present

For we cannot change the shape of time and its fascinating crescent

We must find joy in our too short lives, for you only live once

Exploring all we can, fighting for happiness on all fronts

For while some seek meaning, and some seek purpose

You can rest easy knowing that at least to me, you are not worthless

For whether it be from yourself or others

Give yourself some love, open your eyes to the colors

For no matter if hell freezes over or the winds get colder

As the the sun shines, we grow older