Sentinel celebrates the winter season with an assembly and assorted games


Tony Hemenway

Two racers are on the ground as the crowd laughs in the background.

It was that time of the year again! On Tuesday, the 31st of January, Sentinel celebrated the winter months by throwing an assembly together and getting the students involved in school activities. Many got to participate in games and trivia. With each assembly, the school comes up with new, fun games, and this time, there were many special events for the crowd and for the participants.

As per usual, Sentinel started off the assembly with a list of speeches. They honored the land of the Natives that came before the school, they had a speech about the upcoming theater festival,the auditions for the school play, Clue, and they gave a huge shout out to the boys’ swimming team for adding a state championship year to the banner. They also had the Robotics team launch shirts from a hand-crafted robot, and played an EcoClub video that showed ways to stay responsible at Sentinel.

They ended the large sum of information with a special bowling event. The school’s special Olympics team got to bowl in front of the gathered students, and a listing of students who placed in the state championship for Speech and Debate was announced.

…It was that time of the year again!

The first main event of the assembly was a game. Two players, both from a sports team, would race against time to do a series of activities. The first partner would throw on an outfit of Spartan gear and step through a ladder, and dive underneath a table. The second partner would scoot to another table in a sleeping bag and search for a gummy worm in a plate of whipped cream, but could only use their face. They had to end the race by sitting on a balloon to pop it. This gave plenty of chances for the crowd to laugh. One player fell, and others purely looked silly while digging into a plate of whipped cream with their face. The teams that went up were Boys Wrestling, Boys Basketball, Speech and Debate, the Swim Team, and Girls Basketball. By 36 seconds, the Boys’ Basketball team won the race.

The final and longest event was the first annual Sentinel “Brain Games”, where two teams of 4-5 would compete against each other to answer 5 random trivia questions correctly. This was the first time that the game had been played, and gave every student a chance to participate by applying with a team. 8 teams ended up applying, and when it came down to it, the finale consisted of Combust This, a science team, and Stat is Where It’s At, an AP Statistics team. Combust This ended up winning in a close race of 6-7, with the winner having to reach 7 points to win.

Two teams face off in the Brain Games. Photo courtesy of Tony Hemenway.

Like usual, the turnout of students filled up the gym nearly to the brim, with the hallways packed both before and after the assembly. And as Sentinel winds down from this assembly and prepares for the final ones of the year, students are given more chances to show their spirit and pride for their school.