The 80’s..thats it

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Many loves the 80’s

The 80’s might have been 40 years ago, but many great movies and shows came from that era. Many teens born in the early 2000’s more than likely had parents who grew up in the 80’s and showed them movies and cartoons from that time. A lot of thrillers, horror, comedy, and cartoons from that era have been remade, and much of the thrillers and horror have become fan favorites for many all across the world. So many of these movies and shows have also been remade one or even more times across the years.

As a teenager who grew up with movies and shows from that time it really has become nostalgic to see the original shows or movies be remade and completely changed for the younger generations. It feels weird to know that I may not have grown up during that time, but I still know a lot of things that came from that era and can talk to other adults about it and know they understand it v.s. talking to others my age and realizing they might not understand. So many things from that time have influenced and inspired me as a person and even some of my attitude or mannerisms.

Looking back at the movies and shows I watched as a child had a lot of sarcasm in them, but they also had amazing story lines and had underlining lessons in them about different things. One of the biggest examples of this would be the cartoons He-Man Masters of the Universe and its companion show She-Ra Princess of Power. Both had great lessons in them and at the end of each episode they would explain them and go over ways to overcome the challenge that was faced. The characters in it were each unique and contributed in their own way to make the challenge they were facing easier for one another. Another great one in my opinion would have to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This show had comedy, adventure, great characters, and sarcasm in it. It also had many underlying lessons that weren’t really told, but rather shown through actions. So many of the cartoons from that time were truly works of art and full of imagination that captured the attention of so many, and even had remakes of newer versions done, even if they don’t have the same effect as the originals. 

My mother loved dark fiction
and wanted to share them with me

Many of the movies I watched from that time were thrillers, horror and comedy. My mother loved dark fiction and wanted to share them with me, and as I grew older, my step father started to show me the sci-fi adventure movies he grew up with from that time. Some of the ones that were popular and still are include the Aliens franchise, Interview With the Vampire, and Chucky. All of these moves have either been remade,  turned into shows, or had more added to them. There are so many more, but even then it would take so long to list each one. So many of the movies from that time became favorites and comfort movies for me. 

So many great things came from this time that it’s amazing and almost mind bending to know that there are more of these old shows and movies being remade and changed to be able to accommodate the younger generation.