Through the Pages

The world fades in and out. I can still hear your voice, but it’s distant. When did you get so far away? I don’t know if there’s anything I wouldn’t do to get you back.

The walls around me are all monochrome and the air seems to push any sound I make right back at me, leaving the room an unearthly quiet. Memories rush through my mind, and the pieces begin to fall together. I think of my mother telling me you weren’t real, of the police ignoring me. I remember the people in white scrubs pulling me away. It’s all so clear. They want to keep me away from you. 

The door opens and a woman with kind eyes comes in. She smiles gently, and sits in the chair across from me, without closing the door behind her. “Declan, I’m Dr. Barrett. I want to talk to you about the people following you. Do you think we can do that?” Her question catches me off guard. She actually believes me?

“There aren’t people following me. Only one, but they love me,” my voice cracks on the word love. “And I love them too.”

The doctor gives me a sad smile, “I don’t think they do, Declan. Why are you so sure someone’s following you though?” She asks me. “The police investigated your claims, but they found no evidence.”

“They’re lying. The cops just want to keep me away from them. I know I’m being watched. I can feel eyes on me all the time.” My voice is growing hysterical, but I need to convince her you’re real. I need to get back to you. I can see her mouth moving, but I don’t hear what she’s saying. Ideas swarm through my head. Ways to break out of this place to reach you. I just want to get to you; I don’t care what it takes, but I’m going to do it.

“Declan. Declan? Look at me!” Dr. Barrett comes into focus and a plan takes shape in my mind. “There you are. It’s ok, I believe you. I’m sure there’s someone out there.”

A hysterical laugh builds in my throat, and I leap at her. Her neck feels small in my hands, and nausea builds in my stomach, but I have to get to you. I wait until she stops struggling, then I hold on just a little longer. I can hear loud footsteps down the hall from the room, so I finally let her drop.

Sliding through the door, I can see people coming, so I turn and run in the opposite direction. I take turn after turn, until finally, I see a red lit-up exit sign. I sprint towards it, and burst through the glass doors. I feel the air on my face and relief overwhelms me. “I’m coming back love!” I shout, as I continue to run. I don’t know where I’m going, but I know you’ll find me.

No matter where I go, we’ll be reunited.

I’ll make it to you.

We can be-

The car comes out of nowhere. Or maybe it doesn’t, maybe it was me who just appeared to the driver. It doesn’t matter either way, white hot pain shoots through me, and then it disappears. I feel your arms embrace me, and the world fades to dark. 

The words reflect in your eyes, and you slowly look away. “I love you” is seared into your mind. You turn off the screen, stand up and walk away. I never really mattered to you. I never even existed. I was just another piece of mindless entertainment in a random story you picked up one day.