Love has never been so smelly


Aubrey Cruson

Two dumpsters next to each other with hearts in between.

January 31, 2022

It’s snowing, ever so quickly tiny white snowflakes flurry to the ground at an astounding rate. What was once a still and quiet parking lot soon becomes a gorgeous land of frozen white water. The ground almost glows from the reflection of the street lights. The world is silent and beautiful at this moment. In the parking lot sit two dumpsters covered by a thick blanket of snow. Despite the weather, a small note glides from one dumpster to the next, per the usual routine. 

For my love, 

Robert, the air feels magical tonight, does it not? I’ve always adored the snow; it feels like a fresh start. Not only does it melt and clean my grimy feeling sides, but it adorns this small lot of ours. There is nothing quite as pure (in my opinion) as a coat of untouched snow. And there is nothing as joyful as watching the world awake and take its first steps into the frozen flakes. 

I remember the first time I saw snow – I was just two months old. You had not appeared by my side yet…and so I was alone. I spent my days in silence, as most dumpsters do, and I endured my nights by fantasizing of all the things I could do if I had legs. A rather amusing thought involving  a banana peel came to mind, when suddenly, I felt the smallest and coldest touch I’d ever known. Instantly I felt hundreds of the same sensation and I was in awe. It was as if tiny angels had come down to kiss me good night. 

I was so distracted by the array of strange powder that I had not noticed two humans had made their way to the parking lot. They lay, two young girls, in the middle of the empty space and gaze up at the dancing sky. Oh, dear Robert, when I did finally see them it was as if I now knew what love was. I had never heard such genuine laughs nor seen such a caring touch as these two. It was a perfect moment.  I thought that there could be nothing as beautiful as this cold glitter gracing my sides, or the young love budding just a few feet from me. 

After meeting you, snow now takes second place. But I do think of that night fondly. 

-Wishing for many more snows to come, Trash Boy. 


To my beau, 

You’ve always been one for romance T.B., haven’t you? You could spin the blandest of stories into fantastical tales for all to hear and your audience would be captivated.

Although I do not share your same gusto for the winter months, seeing how it pleases you so warms my heart. Hearing how you felt seeing snow for the first time is how I felt the day we met. My eyes have yet to witness a more perfect spectacle. I was being moved to the place I now reside when-CRASH!

A once quiet winter night has gone from peace to pain in a matter of seconds. Due to a poor mix of alcohol and slippery roads a car just came crashing into the parking lot and rammed into one of two dumpsters located there. Right now a man sits near death in his vehicle, and a dumpster lays several feet from its original place with a large dent in its side. 

[The second letter never reached the intended recipient]