Put down that phone and pick up a hook


three balls of multicolor yarn

Anybody can crochet, you do not have to be crafty to learn. Picking up a new hobby is never easy, many people get discouraged if they cannot make it work the first time. However I believe that you reading this, can crochet! Following my video tutorial, by the end of the article and video you will have the absolute standard crochet skills, inspiration, and a building block to create endless projects. A basic granny square can lead to blankets, pillows, bags, coasters, and even clothes! 

Crochet can be very valuable. The most important aspect of it is that you, yourself, have created it. It is extremely rewarding to have a piece of anything that is created with your own hands, it is an accomplishment. Crocheting is an art form, it provides a creative outlet for people to express themselves since the possibilities are endless. Crochet is a cheap and easy hobby to start or make a business out of, relieving the day’s stress or providing that creative outlet for people. The important thing to understand when picking up a hobby like crocheting is that it is not going to be easy at first. It is going to give those roadblocks and burnouts yet what makes it stand out is not easily being able to forget it. Once you learn and get going you don’t need to practice to keep the skills. Crochet cannot be replicated by any machine, it has to be handmade. What discourages a lot of people is that it is very time consuming and can take hours to days to finish a project. In spite of that, it just makes the art form all the more valuable. 

Following along with the video, here are the step by steps and pattern for the granny square. 

  1. Make a magic ring or a center ring. To make a center ring, slip stitch and chain 4 stitches and join to form a circle with a slip stitch in the first chain. To make a magic ring or infinity ring take the dead end of the yarn and wrap it around your fingers, wrap it around again crossing on the inside of your palm and on the top of your hand, the yarn is parallel. Where the yarn doesn’t cross, put your hook underneath the first one and pull the other one down through the first loop, twisting to create a loop around the hook. to secure the ring , use the working yarn and wrap around the hook and pull through the loop on your hook.
  2. Starting row/round one, chain 5 and this will count as a double crochet and a chain two. Then work three double crochets in that ring. Chain three, then follow up by three double crochets in the ring rotating to fit all the stitches. Chain three again and then another three double crochets Chain another 3 and 3 double crochets. To finish round 1 lastly slip stitch to the third chain in the pervious chain 5 connect i
  3. From now on it gets repetitive so I will abbreviate. Round two starts with a chain of five that will count for a double crochet and a chain two. Add two dc in the corner of the square then put a dc in each of the stitches below. Then once you reach the corner crochet two dc chain two then two dc. Follow this pattern till the last side of the square. After crocheting down the stitches below, just add one dc in that corner stitch and slip stitch completing round two. 
  4. Now you can repeat step 3 to make a square as big or as small as you want! The last step is cutting the yarn. On the last slip stitch chain one and pull the yarn till there is no loop. Tighten and sew in the ends with a needle or use a hook. 

Yay! You completed one granny square!!!