Love has never been so smelly.


Aubrey Cruson

Two dumpsters next to each other with hearts in between.

January 21st, 2022

It is a dark and quiet night. An empty parking lot remains still and unbothered by the usual chaos of the world. Two large, blue, dumpsters sit side by side two feet apart. Suddenly, a light and silent breeze whisks a small piece of paper from the inside of one dumpster right into the next. The paper seems to have some sort of writing on it, but could be easily dismissed as a piece of scratch paper. A seemingly insignificant moment that no one is there to witness…well almost no one. 

To my darling, 

Oh how I wish to separate the distance between us. Though it may not seem far to some, the few feet of space that keep us apart are like an infinite chasm between your heart and mine. I long to look upon your face forever and always. I loathe all of the men and women who come to meet you everyday bearing gifts aplenty, for they may gaze at your sparkling blue complexion. I stare out at this empty parking lot wishing only that my wheels would slip every so slightly and bring me into your sweet embrace. 

-Your one and only, Robert. 


Dearest Robert,

Today you smell of peanut butter and spaghetti, an interesting and albeit disgusting aroma. Although, I do believe love has clouded my senses for I do not seem to mind. I too wish we could be closer, but alas the humans cannot see or feel our deep yearning for close proximity and therefore will likely never bring us together. These letters of yours keep the flame in my heart burning. I love you more than anything in this world, even the family of raccoons that have nested inside of me every single night since I was two days old. Do not misplace my words, David and Carol are great, but they dare not compare to you. 

-Your ever so affectionate, Trash Boy.