So far, but so close


All around the world, many couples are in long-distance relationships, and many of these couples dont know how their relationship will turn out when and if they meet. Within the past 2-3 years the presence of online dating has increased due to the pandemic and people wanting a connection of some kind. Little do many know that these relationships all have a side effect on the couple and the individuals as well. Not many realize these side effects of the relationship or the tolls it can take till later on, or even after it ends. 

Due to many wanting a connection and not being able to find one in real life, they turn to dating sites or online chat rooms to find a connection. Many of these online relationships usually don’t last very long due to problems arising. Some of the biggest problems that occur in these online relationships are issues with trust, connections, life, and communication. A relationship is usually built with these basic foundations, and trying to keep them solid for an online relationship is much harder than in real life. 

All around the world,
many couples are in long-distance relationships,
and many of these couples dont know how their
relationship will turn out when and if they meet.


Trust is one of the key essentials for a relationship. Both partners need to have trust in each other and the bond they may share. In an online one, this connection starts to really be strained and becomes something both start to have issues with. The trust the individuals have in each other can become fragile and sensitive and sometimes result in them turning on each other.


In a relationship, connection means a bond between the partners or a physical connection. Building a bond online is hard and takes a lot of time and patience with each other and the relationship. Having a connection with your partner is important, including the physical aspect, such as hugging and e.c.t. Online this is something that can not be easily achieved unless you can meet them. And sometimes you can make a connection with someone online, but once you meet them in real life, that connection can also break. 


In many parts of a relationship, especially if it’s still fresh and in the “Honeymoon” stage, it will seem like everything is going perfectly, but then life will start to become a priority, this can mean making a plan for the future with them, or if your own life starts to take over. Online, life can truly start to get in the way. So many factors are to be considered and thrown into the equation, that it will affect it.


The communication between the partners is a huge deal, and can sometimes make or break the deal. Constant communication with small breaks can make a difference and strengthen the bond between the two. Much like in real life, both partners need space, but online, this space sometimes can become a bad thing. 

It’s not that online relationships are wrong or are something to avoid, but it is something that will take time and a lot of trust and building to make sure it lasts. Having it online means you need to be smart with how you handle your thoughts and how you handle yourself. Being in an online relationship takes a toll on your mental health and emotional health. 

The way you think about your partner knowing they might be hours or days away from you can affect you. That distance will start to eventually feel like it’s too much, but in reality, it is how you look at it. Emotionally you may feel drained and sometimes you may not have the energy to reply to them, but that’s okay. Distance and how you both look and feel about it can really change it