The ducking phenomenon of Sentinel High School.


Phoebe Knellhorne

A circle of colorful ducks surrounds a small bunny.

“Mrs. Potchak asked around her building, with no luck of discovering the culprit.”

Small but mighty. The tiny, colorful ducks held a presence as Ms. Potchak walked into her classroom on the morning of October 26. First she noticed a trail of ducks on her podium at the front of her classroom. They led Mrs. Potchack to her desk where a cult-like circle of ducks with a small bunny in the middle sat, peering up at her. There had to be over 60 ducks and 2 bunnies scattered around the room. They perched on staplers, plants, and any possible ledge in the classroom. The dime-sized ducks came in a wide range of colors, giving a spring feel to the gray montana fall.

Who had done this?

Mrs. Potchak asked around her building, with no luck of discovering the culprit. Teachers came in to look at the ducks and take a few for their own desks. The little presents brought a giddy excitement to the 500 building. Mrs. Potchak moved to asking teachers from the main building. According to history teacher Ms. Burke, during the week of homecoming four classrooms got ducked in the main building. To get into a classroom early in the morning, the culprit would have needed a key from a teacher.

More and more people want to know: who is doing the ducking? Whoever it is, they are spreading a contagious feeling of joy throughout the school.