DreamWorks Tier List


DreamWorks is one of the top-tier movie creators in history. They have made some amazing films throughout history. Some of my favorite moves are How to Train Your Dragon only 1 and 2 though don’t waste your time with 3. After How to Train Your Dragon which is top tier without a doubt my favorite kid’s movie. In second place comes Kung Fu Panda. I love Kung Fu Panda 1 and 3, not so much 2, I would skip two and just go one to three because three is epic. With Kung Fu Panda coming out in 2008 and How to Train Your Dragon in 2010 the two years must have been crazy for movie theaters.

Coming in at third place on my list of DreamWorks masterpieces, SHREK! Everyone in their right mind loves Shrek because it’s just so good. If you haven’t seen any of the four films then you better stop what you’re doing and start watching Shrek right now! To be honest I did even know there were four shreks until just now but I feel like Shrek 2 which I definitely have seen is the best one. I would also like to note that even when placing these film series out of order you should watch all these films in order, you just have to push through kung fu panda 2 and then just end watching how to train your dragon 2 but at end of the day, it’s all good there still worth the watch.

In fourth place is Madagascar, Madagascar is a great watch, not as good as the top three but still worth the watch without a doubt. With many spin-offs of Madagascar like a whole separate film series Penguins but still, watch all four of the Madagascar films and then Penguins afterward. Madagascar has some epic characters like King Julien I mean common, you cannot like him. More importantly, than that is Mort, Mort is the best character of the series hands down. WE ALL LOVE MORT.

heading off the island of Madagascar and flying into Eldorado, The Road to El Dorado is a one-time stand-alone masterpiece. I feel like the road to El Dorado is a sort of unheard-of film because of its release date. Coming out in 2000 it’s an old movie that the kids nowadays have probably not seen. But you have to watch it it’s so good, it has a bit of adult humor mixed in to make a perfect movie for anyone to watch.

Finally, in the final spot in a meme classic, we all know what I’m talking about its the one and only Bee Movie. I feel like you just gotta watch it just to understand all the memes that have come around it. It’s an ok movie definitely don’t pick this one up before any of the others but like watch if you’re bored you know? It’s a good movie and it will pass the time but it’s at the bottom of the list for a reason.