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Downtown Missoula’s “Legacy Lounge”


Downtown Missoula has no shortage of bars and breweries. Paired with many different music and dance opportunities, Downtown makes for a pretty lively place. However, these aspects of nightlife cater to an older crowd. That, however, won’t be the case for long.

Thanks to a new business opening up on the Hip Strip, a teenage audience will finally be able to enjoy the wonders of staying out late. Briefly mentioned by The 300 Podcast, Legacy Lounge will become one of the newest additions to Downtown Missoula. They’ll move into the space previously held by the Iza Asian Restaurant.

The venue will have a variety of visiting and local DJs, live music, and dancing. Alcohol, however, will not be included. In an interview with KPAX, part-owner Scotty Graham states, “[Alcohol is] not necessary to have a good time. It’s very doable sober, and I hope that we can help encourage that.”

During musical events, those under the age of 21 will have many opportunities to dance, enjoy music, and hang out with friends. At midnight the lounge will close, clean up, and reopen for adults over 21 who’re looking for a place to rest before driving home.

“It’ll be a good space for people who have been out drinking to come in and just kind of relax and let themselves decompress before they try to drive home, and hopefully it’ll make the roads a little safer that way,” Graham said to MTN News.

The owners have promised alcohol checks at the doors, zero alcohol sales, and security.

“I have a 15-year-old-son. I know that having this spot will open it up so they have a place safely come and not get in trouble, not have their parents worrying about where they are 24/7, and just making it so they can feel comfortable and safe,” part-owner Caleb Huberg commented in the KPAX interview.

DJs, music genres, and artworks will change periodically in an effort to showcase artists from all backgrounds. As one of the first nightlife opportunities for the younger crowd, Legacy Lounge plans to be fully up and running by November 19th.



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