Astroworld: Concert Disaster


Ten dead and three hundred injured after rapper and music producer Travis Scott performed at the Astroworld music festival Friday, November 5th. The cause of injury and death has been called “crowd crush,” when crowds rush the stage during a concert and people faint from the pressure and get crushed. Among the youngest victims was a 9-year-old boy named Ezra Blount who died Sunday, November 14th. Paramedics that night were blocked by the raging crowd, and the small security team was overwhelmed. 

Scott has since apologized for what occurred that night on social media, and has offered to pay the funeral costs for the lives lost. A huge wave of backlash has been aimed at the performer after what happened, claiming that the budget-cut security present that night wasn’t enough for the crowd of around 50,000 people. 

Families of the fans that were harmed that night have been taking legal action against Scott, saying that paying for the funeral costs aren’t enough and that the casualties were completely avoidable. Nothing has been determined yet, but Scott has been arrested in the past for his concert conduct. 

He has also given refunds to everyone who bought tickets to his Astroworld performance, and has even offered to pay for therapy for attendees. Most of the staff have not responded to requests from media comments.   

Houston police had met with the performer before the concert about safety concerns. However, authorities are still looking into what went wrong that night and why the crowd started rushing the stage during the show.  As well as investigating if Scott himself had anything to do with the chaos that occurred that night.