I Am Not Okay With This- Review


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I am Not Okay with This is a short series based on the graphic novel that goes by the same name. It’s created by Charles Forsman and directed by Jonathan Entwistle. As of now, it only consists of one season. This small series can be easily found on Netflix and is rated R for the fantasy gore shown throughout. Despite its R rating, the series is directed at teens and young adults. I am Not Okay with This is about a young girl dealing with rough home life, sexuality, and superpowers. The setting isn’t clearly stated, but it is speculated to be around the 2000s where sexuality positivity is still relatively shunned, let alone having superpowers. 

 There are multiple characters present in the series, however, as it unfolds it becomes apparent who the three main characters are. The protagonist is obvious, shown clearly, and focused on almost exclusively. Sydney Novak, played by Sophia Lillis, is a young, outcast child. Sydney is known for her awkward behavior and mild anger issues. Despite being a quiet girl, she is heavily harassed throughout her time in high school. The only person who doesn’t harass her would be Dina, her best friend, who is played by Sofia Bryant. Finally, the last and only other character who doesn’t hate our protagonist would be Stanley Barber, played by Wyatt Oleff, another outcast high schooler.

While there are many different themes throughout the series, the most noteworthy would be the act of controlling emotions and anger issues. As well as the underlying message of overcoming trauma and abuse. Abuse and trauma cause long-term issues mentally, and that is symbolized in not only Sydney’s anger, which drives the powers, but also in her directions to situations. Continuing with the series, Sydney’s issues build up until the season finale, which leaves off with an amazing cliffhanger. Which, as of now, won’t be recovered due to the show being canceled. Despite its cancellation, it was one of the better series on Netflix, earning a promising amount of praise for its actors and a strong plot.

Overall the plot itself is well done, and while at the moment the second season was canceled, the series still holds well. Its L.G.B.T.Q representation is also well thought through and opens up filmography to give the queer community a chance in acting and general representation in the public world. Its modern fantasy is subtle but not annoyingly sudden to take up the whole plot. Allowing it to give room for the subplots such as teen romance and general drama that’s presented in most shows targeted at teens. I give I am Not Okay with This an 8/10.