Grizzly Activity Increasing, Beware!


Warning: this article contains various appraisal points of the University of Montana Grizzlies Football Team. Montana State fans have been advised.  

For the first time in eight years, the Montana Grizzlies are 3-0 and Grizzly fans don’t know how to contain their pride.  They’re coached by head coach Bobby Hauck, this is Hauck’s 10th full season.  I conducted an interview with former four-time Sentinel Football Manager and the current Assistant Manager/Safety Manager for the University of Montana Grizzlies, Jack Hangas.  I asked him how this year has gone for the team and who he believes deserves more recognition.

Even though it is too early in the year to predict the Grizzlies’ season, Jack Hangas shared his perspective, “I believe that we have had a really great season this year so far.”  There is no denying that statement, especially when looking at the statistics of the football season.  This game didn’t impact their record, but the Grizzlies played the #21 ranked team, the Washington Huskies, and beat them with a score of 13-7.  Hangas touched on this subject, “Beating [the] twenty-first ranked FBS [Football Bowl Subdivision] opponent, the Washington Huskies, to start out the season was a very good start to the season.  Coach Hauck did a good job getting the players ready for the game.”  Even a Bozeman Bobcats fan can recognize this success, for not only the Grizzlies, but the whole state for having a prompt team.  Hangas also mentioned that the team didn’t walk out onto the field the next day with a cocky attitude after winning the Huskies game. 

After recently coming off from a bye-week, the football team was heading into their homecoming game against Cal Poly. Hangas touched on the homecoming game and explained that the team had a rough start, but pulled together for a homecoming win, 39-7.  It is early in the season to determine Grizzly Football dominance in the conference, but the mindset of humble playing and persistent drive will contribute to a great season for the Grizzlies.

To conclude the interview with Jack Hangas, I asked him about players that he felt deserved an honorary shoutout or that improved in any form: “We definitely do have some leaders on this team.  I believe that the seniors in every position/group on the team are a key factor to helping this team win.”  Hangas raised a solid point: a couple of people do not determine the team’s success.  To have a successful team, everyone needs to commit and put in the work. No player should stand out in a team full of leaders and exceptional players.  We’ve heard it before, but we can’t hear it enough, teamwork makes the dream work!

Flipping through channels, we have seen the Montana Grizzlies Football Team in the sports highlights.  As of now, the team is 4-1, but not even the Washington Huskies can beat this 21’-22’ squad.  Sitting down with Jack Hangas has given fans, and reporters, a new insight into the structure of the team under the direction of Bobby Hauck.  The Montana Grizzlies are third standing in Big Sky Conference and are only expected to continue to climb the leaderboard as the season progresses. 

 The next team to beat is the Sacramento State Hornets, for October 16th, the Grizzlies will showdown with a high seeded team in the Big Sky Conference.  This upcoming game will be the game to watch for the Big Sky Conference, but it will be anyone’s game.  The Montana Grizzlies are the team to watch, so until we wait for the next game, GO GRIZ!

Photo credit: Sydney Paxinos