Freshman 101


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We all know freshman year is a change, and we also know you don’t want to be treated like wee babes. So, read carefully for advice that will help you be one step ahead and hopefully, not be treated like a child because you won’t be acting like one. 

Every single one of you is going to have homework. I know, ground-breaking news. Sarcasm aside, make sure you’re actually doing it. I know, I know, about half of you just rolled your eyes but trust me, doing your homework, even just part of it, will help you. If you don’t have time or heck, you just forgot about it, answering one question, drawing one picture, etc… can be the difference of a grade. At the end of semester those five points you got from answering that one question on your science homework kept your grade a letter grade higher. Also, those meger points add up. Yes, it is better to do the whole assignment but life happens. 

Homework is helping you prepare for the test or essay a teacher is going to require you to take or do. That being said, if you don’t understand something, don’t get where they got a value or how to choose a good quote — ask! The teachers at Sentinel are lovely and want you to do well, so try not to be afraid and go talk to them! Advocate for yourself. Emailing is a great tool, and you can do this easily through your Google account with the school. Don’t know your teacher’s email address? That’s okay, if you use your school provided account, just typing in your teacher’s name into the “To” bar will make their email pop . Not connected to your school email? That is also okay. Head over to the school website at and in the top right corner select “staff.” There you can search for your teacher’s name and find their email when you click on their name. Tah dah! You’re all pros now. 

Most of you have probably already heard this but get involved! This is high school, make some memories, hopefully some good ones, go to the football games, basketball games, support the arts, attend the plays and concerts! There are so many options! Join theatre, eco club, key club, HOSA, BPA, etc… there is something for everyone. Really y’all, some of your best memories will come from those things that you get involved in. Planning on going to college? Even better, you being involved will help you stand out from the crowd. If you joined key club you also got hours of community service that further helps you stand out as well as possibly earn more scholarships because we all know college is expensive. That’s E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E, with a capital “e.”

Now that I’ve stressed a good portion of you out, let’s talk about stress, specifically coping with said stress. I guarantee that you will be stressed during your time here at Sentinel. Whether it is from school work, work, or something outside of school, having healthy coping skills is essential. First, there’s the good ol’ deep breathing. Don’t roll your eyes, it works whether you like it or not. Breathe in through your nose for five seconds and out through your mouth for another five. Sometimes making a “sh” sound when you breathe out helps even more, other times no, usually when you’re annoyed. Taking a ten minute break and going on a walk, stretching, doing jumping jacks, squats, or anything that suits your fancy can be helpful when de-stressing. The final tip I will give, although these are certainly not all of the options, is to do a hobby that makes you happy. That could be sketching, painting, reading, fishing, running, lifting weights, anything, whatever floats your boat. The key take-away here is take care of yourself. Believe it or not, you are more important than school work. 

To wrap it all up, do your homework, communicate with your teachers, get involved, and take care of yourself. If any of you have any questions you would like us to answer, please go ahead and send those to [email protected]! I will gladly answer them in future articles!